Double Points, More like what’s the point?

The season ending Abu Dhabi will be worth double points, but really is their any point?

The season ending Abu Dhabi will be worth double points, but really is their any point?

The FIA announced plans before the start of the season to try and improve F1, these included 5 second penalties and driver numbers which I don’t really mind in fact I like the idea of a driver having their own personal number, when we think of Rossi we think 46 and when we think of Villenueve we think 27, it has worked in MotoGP so why not again in F1?

However the main talking point in all this was the new rule that made the final race of the season worth double points, It is an idea that is very controversial and has drawn a lot of criticism from figures both in the sport and from fans as well, I personally see it as something that should not have been done, It devalues the other 18 races because they are only worth half the points of the season ender, It also means that those 18 venues will not be happy as their races aren’t going to have the importance of the Abu Dhabi race therefore it may cause difficulties for race promoters and organisers leading to trouble in sorting out any future season calendars.

My other problem with it is more obvious, by having double points it allows for a driver or team to potentially win a title not because they have been the best all season but because they have got lucky at the double point race on strategy or their rival has problems that force a DNF in the race where it would be the equivalent of two non-points scoring finishes, meaning that yes it prolongs the championship but it may also end up unfairly deciding the championship.

Then there is the other side of it, for example lets presume Sebastian Vettel has a similar season to the season he had in 2013, then instead of winning the championship by 155 points he would have won it by 165 points, making him look even more dominant and making the championship therefore look more boring.

I just dont see the need for giving one race double points regardless of how boring the title race may become over the season, it is quite obvious that the people trying to market F1 are worried that another Vettel 2011/2013 style procession may have a serious effect on interest in the future, which leads me on to think, it is such a shame that they care only about selling the spectacle of F1 to the world that infact what they are doing is selling its soul.


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