Future Blog Plans

Having set up the blog over the past weekend I have a lot of ideas and there’s some that I would like to share with you with regards to what my plans are for this blog in the future, obviously I will post a lot more during race weekends but here’s some of my other ideas to fill in a bit of time between the races or just whenever. Anyway my ideas include the following:

F1 Legends
Over the next few weeks I am going to take an in depth look at some of the sports greatest champions and characters, ideally I would like to post one of these a week or fortnight. The idea is basically that I will look at the person in question and look at their route to F1 and then what they achieved during their time in the sport.

Classic Races
This will be where I take a look back through the F1 archive and select some of the most memorable races from the history of Formula 1, for each post on this it would be most likely that it would be focused on a single race as supposed to a list of races.

GP2 Series Updates
Over the course of the year I hope to provide regular updates from GP2 as the main feeder series to F1 I see it as being important that I keep a track of the upcoming stars for the future. There is a strong chance I may do something similar for other series such as FR3.5 and GP3.

There will be many other ideas that I will consider for this blog and any suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated and will be of great help to me.



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