F1 and the Fans.

It may just be me but it looks as if the relationship between F1 drivers and the fans is starting to change, in times gone by it would be rare for a driver to be active on the social networking sites most notably Twitter and the only way the fans could get close to them would be to go to the track or to try to track them down at an event, now it seems that it is all change in my opinion.


I am often on Twitter and use it frequently to keep updated with what is going on in F1 and in the world in general, but more so than ever I see the teams or the drivers interacting with their fans and it can only be a good thing for both driver and supporter, I know the drivers must be tremendously busy with all sorts of media commitments and sponsorship deals and everything that comes with being a professional racing driver and it says a lot about them that they are wanting to give something back to the fans. It may not be for everyone and it is totally understandable for the drivers to want to try to keep themselves to themselves not be distracted from their racing, At the minute there are only a number of F1 drivers not on Twitter, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are the most notable although in Kimi’s case it would be pointless for him to have Twitter as he doesn’t really say much, though would have no problem then trying to limit himself to 140 characters.

From what I have seen when I have been on Twitter there are a number of drivers and teams that would interact with the fans on a regular basis, for example today, the Mercedes AMG F1 Team account hosted a Q&A with their driver Lewis Hamilton where they invited fans to ask Lewis questions with the hashtag #AskLewis and he would pick out the best ones and respond to them, I’m sure the people who did get an answer from Hamilton were over the moon and rightly so, I would also imagine that Lewis appreciates the support that he gets and was glad he could talk to his supporters, I personally submitted two questions, they weren’t answered but I and hopefully the rest of the fans appreciate the effort that Lewis made to take the time (around 30 minutes) out of his day especially when he is out in Bahrain with testing, to answer questions from the fans all over the world. With more teams and drivers doing this sort of thing, It brings us closer to the driver and I think that can only be good for everyone.


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