Chequered Flag Blog Announcement

I have been thinking for a number of days about my commitment to keeping this blog going and as you, the reader may be aware I have not posted at all over the Malaysia GP weekend.

I have noticed a drop in figures in the past few weeks and with the work I am doing for RaceDepartment, feel that there is not much point on being hugely active on this as well with such a small audience when I can share my opinion and write pieces to a large audience at RD.

Due to my other focuses mainly work for my exams in the summer and my role with RaceDepartment, I would like to take a break from fully working on this blog for a while just to get my ideas sorted, I have been part of the team at RaceDepartment for about a month now and I have loved it and I will be doing plenty of pieces on there.

But for the next few weeks atleast I am taking a break from this blog, I do not see this as an end to the blog but for now there will be very limited updates (possibly monthly roundups or occasional updates so not neccesarily for every race) from the Chequered Flag Blog although if you wish to keep up to date with my pieces on F1 between now and then, visit where you will find news and great posts on all things racing from all the team and also plenty of pieces from myself.



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