I’m back!

After a long time, I feel that I want to carry on writing this blog, my original intention was to do this blog throughout the season however as you may know I was given the opportunity to write for RaceDepartment, during the time I spent there I enjoyed writing to a larger audience about the sport that I love.

However due to the fact I have had exams and then a recent holiday where I had been unable to contribute to the great effort that RaceDepartment go to, I now don’t have that same desire to write for a website, that coupled with other reasons have resulted in me wishing to give up my role at RD, I want to thank Bram, Howard and everyone there for all the help and time they gave to me whilst I was part of the team. It was truly awesome.

Even more recently, I have been thinking about resuming this blog, after all it was where it all started for me and it would be a shame to just quit writing about F1, so I want to try again with the blog, expect a round up of the British GP to be online before the end of today with possibly a few other bits and bobs.



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