What the FRIC?

In recent weeks there has been one word setting the paddock alight with speculation and discussion, FRIC.

Before you ask, what the FRIC? well to try and explain simply, FRIC is an acronym for Front-Rear-Interconnected Suspension.

The basic purpose of FRIC is to keep a car stable when it is going through a corner, it does so by maintaining a consistent ride-height from the rear of the car through to the front of it.

The big fuss seems to be over how teams are using the system to gain an advantage with ride height and how extreme their system is, with the FIA rules that outline the use of aerodynamic moving parts on a car, it seems that someone feels that a team has pushed the rules to a point where they are gaining an unfair advantage over the rest.

They had for long enough been legal but recently the Race Director Charlie Whiting sent a letter to all the teams which made it clear that in his view, FRIC was now illegal although if teams could come to a unanimous decision that it would be kept until the end of the season.

The teams were unable to reach a decision and so the FRIC system is banned for this weekends German GP, we are unsure of how it will affect the teams with performance, though it will be very interesting to see the gap Mercedes have at the front, or in fact if it is still there now that FRIC is not.


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