Half Term Report: Red Bull

After the disaster that was winter testing, the world champion team have had an incredible recovery, the RB10 that could barely do a race distance around Bahrain or Jerez in the pre season, now they sit 2nd in the constructors with two wins to their name.

They have been dogged by unreliability with the Renault power unit especially with Sebastian Vettel, but for his new teammate Daniel Ricciardo it has been a dream start to his Red Bull career with victories in Canada and Hungary.

The announcement regarding Adrian Newey means that they may also need to look for some new technical genius from next year and the work to replace Newey must start soon.

It must be considered that realistically there is no chance of Red Bull winning the championship, so they should turn their attention to holding onto 2nd place and keeping at bay the challenge that will come likely from Williams.

Daniel Ricciardo
3rd place – 131 points
5 podiums – Spain, Monaco, Canada, Britain, Hungary
2 wins – Canada, Hungary

Daniel Ricciardo came into Red Bull very much the underdog in the team led by four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, but the young Australian has proved a massive success so far and has made Vettel look poor at times this season, only halfway through the season but he is making a big impression and many consider him to be a future world champion himself, has two wins to his name, the victories at Canada and Hungary were both due to late charges, he has only led about half a dozen laps this year though he also has shown great pace on a Saturday as well as race-craft to match, he looks good to be best of the rest behind the Mercedes duo.

Rating: 9/10

Sebastian Vettel
6th place – 88 points
2 podiums – Malaysia, Canada

It can certainly be argued that 2014 is the worst season Sebastian Vettel has had to endure as a Red Bull driver since his move to the team in 2009, though he has nothing to prove as a four-time world champion, he has shown glimpses of his best but not enough to match his new teammate, will need a big step up in the second half of the season if he is to beat Ricciardo though his record in the second half of seasons gone by would suggest he can close the gap, whilst he has been simply slower than his team-mate on a number of occasions, he has also had to deal with unreliability from his Renault powered RB10.

Rating: 6/10



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