Half Term Report: Ferrari

The quest for success continues for Ferrari and unfortunately for the Scuderia this season shows no sign of giving them anything to shout about, the F14T is fundamentally not the best car that has came out of Maranello though in the hands of Fernando Alonso it has shown some promise, the team may have entered the season with arguably the strongest driver pairing but Raikkonen has struggled, not only that but there have been changes within the team with Stefano Domenicali replaced by Marco Mattiaci as team principal, it is a tough year for the prancing horse but their main goal now is most likely to finish in the top three in the constructors.

Fernando Alonso
4th place – 115 points
2 podiums – China, Hungary

Fernando Alonso has once again shown that he is arguably the most complete driver on the grid with his performances this year, he is also the only driver to score points at every race so far in 2014, he is known for getting the absolute maximum from any car he drives and he has done just that on his way to the brace of podiums he has earned, came very close to winning in Hungary but had to settle for second, the goal for Alonso in the second half of the season is to continue what he is doing, to fight with the Red Bull and Williams drivers.

Rating: 9/10

Kimi Raikkonen
12th place – 27 points
Best finish – 6th – Hungary

When the deal was confirmed that Kimi Raikkonen would rejoin Ferrari from Lotus, the F1 world looked forward to what could have been a fascinating battle between the Finn and Fernando Alonso, but unfortunately for Raikkonen, it has been a long and difficult struggle, it isn’t helped by the fact Alonso is outperforming the car but to put it simply, Kimi hasn’t done well enough, 27 points for a Ferrari driver in a half-season is not good enough, hopefully we can see a big improvement during the second half of the season or his seat will come under pressure for 2015.

Rating: 4/10


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