F1 Q&A

Favourite F1 Team? – Red Bull

Red Bull for a few reasons not just because I’m a glory hunter and they’re winning everything, main reason is that when I started following F1 in 2008 and watched my first race, Monaco 08 and Webber finished 4th and the way the team were so chilled and not like the other teams, so that and I always liked Vettel and when he joined in 2009 I really started to support them, Other than Red Bull I could perhaps say McLaren just because of the history and that their cars looked stunning in the old days, but no mainly Red Bull.

Favourite Drivers? – Vettel

As I have mentioned above Vettel is my favourite, think the way he dominated in Monza in 2008 and became youngest ever GP winner was incredible and the way he has gone on and matured into a four time champion, of course he has had his moments, Spa 2010 with JB and the infamous bust up with Webber, Turkey 2010 crash, then the wing swapping at Silverstone and of course the ridiculous Multi-21 incident, Despite this I like Seb because he is a racer and he shows that when he goes for fastest laps when he is told not to and keeps the motivation to win nine races in a row even after he has won the title. Also he seems quite a genuine guy and is an F1 nut, the history and stats mean a lot to him which I appreciate, instead of just doing it for the money he wants to be a part of that history, some may claim he isn’t a great because he has only been in a fast car, ahem.. he was fastest in a practice session in Turkey 2006, in a BMW Sauber, he dominated at Monza, yes it was wet but still a big achievement in a Toro Rosso.

Favourite Race? – Monaco 2008, Brazil 2008, Abu Dhabi 2010, Canada 2011, Abu Dhabi 2012, Brazil 2012

No way I could possibly give just one and as it is my blog I will instead name every grand prix since 1950, no I have narrowed it to 6, sorry. I think Monaco 2008 firstly because it was the first time I watched a race fully and of course it was a cracker, had it all, rain, excitement, safety car and Lewis getting a puncture and somehow coming back to win, also I would say Brazil 2008 because it was so close and so tense for the whole race, so much so that Felipe Massa was World Champion for around 30 seconds only to have it snatched away. 2009 was quite boring because of the Brawn domination, next up personally I say Abu Dhabi 2010, Vettel had never led the championship all season, leaving it until the last race to win the first of his titles from behind was so tense watching although Alonso and Webber strategy gave him it I think. moving on Canada 2011 was unreal, probably the best race I have watched despite the waiting time being quite ridiculous, the conditions, the overtaking, the crash between Hamilton and Button, JB getting pulled to pit-lane every other lap and having to fight from the back of the grid and still winning on the last lap. 2012 Abu Dhabi was very good with Kimi winning and Seb coming from pitlane to podium, and the Brazil 2012 race which decided the title, again another Vettel fightback. 2013 there wasn’t really much good races in my view.

Favourite Tracks? – Siverstone, Suzuka, Montreal, Interlagos

Pretty much the ‘special’ tracks, the likes of Spa, Silverstone, Suzuka, Monaco, Monza etc, out of those five I think Silverstone, great track produces good racing and the good old British weather makes it unpredictable and usually quite entertaining, also the fans that camp around the track and the passion they all show to see the race, nothing beats British F1 fans in my view, the amount of different flags and banners they make for their drivers, even Chilton gets massive support when the main attention is on Hamilton and Button, I think the same goes for Suzuka, they are so passionate and love their F1 and the track is superb, so testing on the driver and also for me I remember Vettel in 2011 winning the title there and also Kamui getting on the podium and all the fans screaming his name was a great moment, other than Silverstone and Suzuka, I have two favourite circuits, Montreal and Interlagos. Canada because it produces some great racing and I am quite good at it on the Playstation!! As for Brazil, well Interlagos speaks for itself, the history it has, It always provides a fantastic race and the championship is usually decided there, also the circuit itself is very nice and flowing.

Who is the best? 1st Senna, 2nd Schumacher, 3rd Vettel/Prost

I’ve watched a lot of the old races and documentaries and I honestly think Senna is the best, he had a flair that no-one else could match and done things with the car that most others would not have dared to do, making it dance around the corners in order to find that extra tenth of a second, his ability is summed up in how he outqualified Prost in Monaco by 1.5 seconds and the sheer will to win that he possessed, His wet-weather talent was unbelievable, when I saw Hamilton in the rain he slightly reminds me of Senna but still not close to what he could do, Donnington, 1993. Senna starting fifth goes where the others couldn’t in terms of skill, precision and bravery and gets from 5th to 1st in the space of a lap, His death was so tragic not only in terms of a human sense but the possibilities that awaited him may have secured his legacy as the greatest of all time. Schumacher in second based on his ruthless approach and the stats don’t lie, 91 race wins don’t come by that easily. 3rd place is a straight fight between Prost and Vettel. Can’t decide think Vettel edges it but I don’t know.


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