About Me Q&A

Q. The boring factual stuff that no-one actually cares about?
A. I’m David, I’m 16 and I’m from the UK and I’m in fifth year at my school so I’m sitting my GCSE exams this summer.

Q. What do you see yourself doing in the future?
A. Well, really at this stage I ain’t quite sure but I’ve said for a while now that I want to do journalism preferably sports journalism and if all goes well it would be either F1 or Football but ideally F1 or at least Motorsport related. Whether I can get into that sort of thing is a different case but we can all dream can’t we?

Q. What do you do in your spare time?
A. Many things, as with most teenage guys I am in love with sport, however I will watch almost any sport I can. So there’s sport, then if it would ever stop raining I would be out playing football or just enjoying myself, as it is I spend a lot of time keeping up to date on F1 and reading blogs and websites as well as the occasional use of my PS3.

Q. Do you have any sporting interests?
A. Obviously F1, for more of that then go to my F1 Q&A Page, but other than this, probably most sports, I am mad on football, love it and support the team that could perhaps kill me with stress and heartattacks, yes of course it’s Arsenal, been to Emirates once great day out. Also like tennis, golf and recently taking more of an interest in the American sports like Basketball and NFL, but F1 and football will always be a part of my life.

Q. If you could host a dinner with any three people still living today who would they be and why?
A. Well first of all they would be disappointed because I ain’t really one for cooking the dinner..no seriously I think it’s one of those questions that my answer could change every day depending on the mood I was in but right now as I near falling asleep I think the three people would be:
1 – Sebastian Vettel – well he is my sporting hero, I’m sure he would be a good laugh as well, he seems like a really genuine decent lad and he knows and clearly cares so much about the history of Formula 1 and to talk to him about what he has achieved in such a short time would be very interesting, plus I could get to find out what he really thinks of Mark Webber and the whole multi-21 scandal.
2. Thierry Henry – As a massive fan of Arsenal, I would pick Thierry Henry because he was a great servant to the club and is our record goalscorer, also I think he would be a very interesting character to talk to because he has been a part of some of the biggest club sides in world football, Juventus, Barcelona and Arsenal and has played at the highest level and has therefore seen it all, he would have some great stories no doubt.
3. Usain Bolt – really he is a self-proclaimed legend, he is the fastest man on the earth, that is apart from the F1 drivers of course, I’d pick him because he just seems so awesome, such a cool character and i think that he has brought Athletics further than it was ever before in terms of appeal, anyone who increases the appeal and fanbase of any sport must be respected, Bolt has certainly done that and is just a great character.

Quick fire questions!

Q. Favourite colour?
A. Red.

Q. Favourite food?
A. Again it is a question that the answer would change so often, I think either Italian or Chinese, or else a good old fashioned chip, or anything with chicken. As you can tell, I love food.

Q. If you’d to pick a number like this years drivers, which would it be?
A. Simple, #97 because it is the year I was born in.


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