Jon Lancaster

Earlier this week, I decided to get in contact with Jon Lancaster, He has raced in various series such as FR3.5 and F2 as well as most recently GP2, last year Jon finished 11th in the GP2 Series in a season that included two sprint race wins in consecutive weekends at Silverstone and Nurburgring. I thank Jon for taking the time to talk to The Chequered Flag Blog and I hope you all enjoy!

Jon on the podium at Silverstone after winning the GP2 Sprint Race
Jon on the podium at Silverstone after winning the GP2 Sprint Race

Q1. Can you just tell us a little about your earliest memory of Motorsport and also did you have a racing hero growing up?
Jon Lancaster – My first memories were watching Ayrton Senna for sure, being born in 1988 I was lucky to see some of the real F1 back in the day! When I was that young I loved Ayrton then also Nigel Mansell as he had the red 5, As I grew I realised Ayrton was a step apart from the rest.

Q2. When did you first get involved in racing?
JL – I got involved pretty early after my parents split when I was 5 my dad who was an ex F3 mechanic always loved racing and bought a kart so I used to go down and push wheels about and try help with my brother Andrew, then when I was 9 I got my own kart for Christmas and we started testing and raced when I was 10.

Q3. What advice would you have for anyone thinking of starting a career in motorsport?
JL – I would say to them, are you sure? haha, you have to be honest with yourself, do you really think you are good enough to make it and are you willing to sacrifice and commit to being professional? and of course do you have the finances to get going and the contacts to keep going.

Q4. So far in your career, what has been your best race and why?
JL – My best race…possibly 2 races, in the wet at Pau in F3 2008 coming from 12th to 3rd. and last years GP2 win at Nurburgring as I had James Calado pushing me all the way and didn’t make one mistake. being in a new small team up against ART as well made it even sweeter.

Q5. Do you have a favourite track that you particularly like for any reasons?
JL – Besides Macau which is incredible, Silverstone has to be up there for me, the fast flowing nature really suits me and to be on the edge around there is pretty incredible.

Q6. If you weren’t a racing driver, what would you be doing?
JL – Thats a good question, I would like to say playing for Leeds Utd!! but honestly something in sport I love all kinds of sports and also helping to run our business of renting houses, we were hit incredibly hard when the market crashed and now when I’m not racing I paint houses, fit carpet, fill skips etc to get jobs done.

Q7. Who is the best driver you’ve raced against?
JL – That is hard to say…probably Marco Ardigo in karting, when I was 16 he was 22 and a seasoned pro, he never made a mistake and we had many battles over the years.

Q8. Away from racing for a minute, do you like any other sports, if so who do you support?
JL – I’m a huge passionate Leeds Utd fan and also like Rugby union, I compete in triathlons and take part in crossfit as well.

Q9. Do you do much in your spare time away from the track?
JL – Between the carpet fitting and other work to prepare houses, I try to raise my own sponsorship and its only very recently I signed with a manager, before I did everything myself and with some help from my dad.

Q10. As a racing driver you must visit all sorts of places, anywhere particular that stuck out for you?
JL – Macau will always stick out…its a mental place…haha Singapore was beautiful and India was eye opening. I’ve been to many places racing but hardly get to really see them, its a shame, I will revisit as many as I can some day.

Q11. Finally, What are your targets for this season and also for the future?
JL – This year I hope to get a full season in GP2 and challenge for the title, we will see what other add on races we can do, I’ve had some offers for endurance projects. Since I was 10 years old F1 world champion has been my goal…nothing less.

I would like to thank Jon again and wish him the best of luck this year.

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