Nick Yelloly

I am pleased to be posting my first Drivers Q&A, I decided to get in contact with Nick Yelloly, Nick has so far enjoyed a great career and has raced in series such as Formula Renault UK, Formula Renault 3.5 and most recently took part in the 2013 GP3 Series for Carlin and finished the championship in 6th place after a solid season which saw him score 107 points and finish on the podium four times including a 2nd place at Silverstone. I thank Nick for his time and the effort to answer the questions and wish him well for this season.


Q1. Can you just tell us a little about your earliest memory of Motorsport and also did you have a racing hero growing up?
Nick Yelloly – My earliest memory would have to be, visiting Silverstone at the age of 5 and seeing Michael Schumachers car when he was driving for Benetton. As Michael was dominant when I was growing up, he was my hero as he was for most young drivers my age. He was the man!

Q2. When did you first get involved in racing?
NY – I first got involved at a go karting party at the age of 14 which I enjoyed a lot and won. I was asked to have a try in an outdoor kart later on in that year and I then started to race outdoors in the Super One Junior TKM Championship the following year.

Q3. What advice would you have for anyone thinking of starting a career in motorsport?
NY – To always keep enjoying it, keep fit and treat every race as if its your last.

Q4. So far in your career, what has been your best race and why?
NY – I would say it would have to be my win in FR3.5 in 2012 at the Nurburgring when I won race 2 from 14th on the grid by over 27 seconds. I called a very good strategy and the car was great too. We were also very quick in both wet and dry conditions. All of this was made more special because of the fact I didn’t finish race 1 due to having been taken ill with a stomach bug.

Q5. Do you have a favourite track that you particularly like for any reasons?
NY – My favourite track would have to be Silverstone, not just because its only 40 minutes away from my house. But because of the fast and flowing nature of the circuit. The atmosphere when racing on a F1 weekend at Silverstone is seriously special too. Being on the podium last year there was one of the highlights of my career.

Q6. If you weren’t a racing driver, what would you be doing?
NY – I would be working with my dad in financial services, whilst also competing in some sort of sporting activity as I’ve always been very sporty and couldn’t just sit in an office, without physical competition.

Q7. Who is the best driver you’ve raced against?
NY – I have raced against plenty of good drivers in my career and couldn’t and wouldn’t want to say there is anyone that specifically stands out as being above the rest. There are as in any sport many great drivers or competitors. Some get the lucky break and into F1 and the others simply, don’t.

Q8. Away from racing for a minute, do you like any other sports, if so who do you support?
NY – I love watching Supercross from the states, riding my downhill mountain bike too is cool. I love all sports, especially ones that really get my adrenaline levels up! When I am away from the track I also like to get in the gym as often as possible to keep fit.

Q9. Do you do much in your spare time away from the track?
NY – Most people seem to think that racing drivers just drive and then do nothing away from the track at all! They would be very wrong. A lot of the time is taken up by maintaining fitness levels, or improving them. Also working with my current sponsors and potential sponsors to raise money for the next season. Todays racing drivers cannot just be quick on the track. They have to be great with their PR and money-raising skills to really make it to the top.

Q10. As a racing driver you must visit all sorts of places, anywhere particular that stuck out for you?
NY – I visited Russia (just outside Moscow) to race in 2012 when i was competing in WSR 3.5, I would say out of all places I have been to, to race. It has to be the craziest and weirdest at the same time. The people there are very nice, although different as is their culture and way of life. An example of this was in the first session we had as we drove out, my engineer came over the radio warning me of dogs being on the circuit, and also a lot of the seats from the grandstand were now on the track and had been blown off by the wind! I visited Red Square during the weekend too before I flew home. I must say that was pretty special too.

Q11. Finally, What are your targets for this season and also for the future?
NY – My targets always remain the same for every season I compete in, and that’s to win. In whatever championship I race in this season my aim is as simple as that. Long term goal would be obviously to race at the highest level in the sport (F1) although I know how difficult it is to break into now, due to the cost! Making a career racing would be a great achievement, and enable me to pay back the people whom have helped me to date. Which I am very grateful already.


I hope you enjoyed and I thank Nick for his time and the effort in answering the questions and I would like to wish him well for this season and beyond.


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